How to Register for USA Ultimate

To register as a player for the Harvard Ultimate Club, HUC, you must do the following THREE THINGS (in addition to filling out the HUC Registration Form)

Sign up at USA Ultimate

To be a member practicing or playing member of Harvard Ultimate Club you must be a registered USA Ultimate Member. Former Players Renew Membership ; New Players create their own players page and Join.

  1. Go to USA Ultimate Login Page here:
  2. Join USA Ultimate or Log into your existing account
  3. Select your membership level as: Youth Player
  4. Select Massachusetts as your state
  5. Select Appropriate Membership Options and hit Next
  6. Pay your membership fees via PayPal or Credit Card
  7. NEW PLAYERS ONLY: Find your newly assigned USA Ultimate Membership Number and Email it to the Coaches

Sign the Waiver Form Online

The Waiver form must be signed before you may practice with the team.

  1. Go to USA Ultimate Login Page here:
  2. Log into your existing account
  3. Once logged into your USA Ultimate account, there's a box on the main page that says "Waiver"
  4. Click on that box and you can digitally sign the waiver form.

Print and Sign the Medical Authorization Form

  1. Print the Medical Authorization form found here:
  2. Fill out and sign the form
  3. Bring the form to the first practice or turn into a coach