The following tries to answer common questions about the Ultimate program here in Harvard. Please feel free to email the HUC Coaches if you have any questions.

Who Can Play?

Harvard Ultimate is open to boys and girls in grades 6-12. We welcome players from not only the town of Harvard, MA but also surrounding towns. No experience necessary! We are a team sports program focused on individual skills, team improvement, teaching the game and having fun!

When is the season?

The ultimate season runs from April through June. Students are expected to play the full season.

What towns do we play?

The HUC high school team plays surrounding towns including Nashoba, Groton, Concord-Carlisle and more. We play both home games and away.

When are practices / games?

The high school HUC teams practice 4 or 5 days a week from 3pm-5pm. The middle school team typically practices 2x per week. Games are scheduled during the week at the same time as practice. There are both home and away games. The high school HUC teams will also play in a couple of weekend tournaments each season.

When is Registration?

Registration opens in January for the upcoming spring season. Registration is NOW OPEN for the Spring 2019 season.

How much does it cost?

To play a full season, the cost for the high school team is $200 and the middle school team is $135.

What equipment is required?

Students are expected to bring cleats (soccer style), a water bottle, light and dark shirt to every practice and game.

Who runs the program?

The program is run by three local ultimate players: Coach Donnie Phillips, and Coach Morton. Each coach lives in Harvard, MA and has been playing Ultimate for 20+ years. We all run the program and coach on the field.

What's a day tournament?

Ultimate tournaments are run on the weekends and include playing multiple games throughout a day. The team will show up in the morning and play against other teams all day. Athletes are expected to bring extra water and food to consume. It's a really fun experience for the athletes to enjoy a full day of competition with their team.